About Us

Nadège Cédras is a very entrepreneurial, creative, and imaginative person with a love for art and beauty, and a heart for serving and connecting with people. Nadège has over 25 years of experience in serving people in an entrepreneurial way in one manner or another, by either making and selling hand-made flowers, gift baskets, fashionable clothing, or even by planning events.

Her elegant gift baskets and stunning events are the results of passion and commitment to ensuring her clients celebrate life and make beautiful memories! Nadège is dedicated to delivering the highest quality events and gifts with the kindest disposition to serve her clients, ensuring a pleasant experience every time!

"Growing up, I was interested in always making crafts, hand-made cards, flower arrangements, and gift baskets, as well as planning events for the family.

This passion has continued throughout adulthood. The love to connect and help people gives me joy, especially when I see a smile on their faces. That is the reason I founded Nadège Cédras Events and Gifts." 

~ Nadège Cédras, Founder